About Hypnotherapy

hypnotherapyWhat is Hypnotherapy?


The techniques and principles of hypnosis have been used to benefit mankind throughout many societies and cultures for many centuries to present time. Hypnosis is an effective methodology that allows easy access to the subconscious mind where all memories are stored. Due to prejudice and misinformation hypnotherapy has suffered from misunderstandings. In the twentieth century modern neuro-psychological research demonstrated the power and benefit of autosuggestion in healing. Hypnosis is now recognized as a valid and safe healing modality that virtually anyone can experience with the correct guidance. Hypnosis is a state of deep relaxation that is natural and safe. It is a state of mind between waking and sleeping where a person is conscious, aware of physical sensations and surroundings and yet much more receptive to therapeutic suggestions. Hypnosis is very effective as the conscious mind has greater support from the subconscious in a relaxed and altered state. During this supportive altered state unwanted habits, emotional dis-stresses another negative thoughts patterns can be safely be explored and cleared.



How Can Hypnotherapy Help?


Hypnotherapy is well researched and is known to assist in clearing and overcoming many emotional and mental disorders such as unwanted prolonged stress and tension, anxiety, smoking addiction, overeating, nail biting, bed wetting, insomnia, phobias, tension headaches, self-confidence, study and examination nerves, as well as many other mental related issues. Hypnotherapy can complement other healing modalities as well as greatly enhance sport and other natural abilities. Its potential is limitless.



What does it feel like?


Sensations of hypnosis vary from client to client. It is usual to experience mild drowsiness together with pleasant feelings of comfort and wellbeing. Clients often comment on how relaxed and at ease they were during the session. During hypnosis the client is normally conscious and able to hear the hypnotherapist‚Äôs voice. The client remains at all times in control, lucid in mind and clear of objectives. Just like watching a movie but with one difference you are in complete control as the director, cinematographer, main actor and casting agent. It’s as if you are in the editing room, clearing and cutting out what no longer fits and also what is no longer relevant. Then replacing it with new more up to date positive ideas for a healthier and more positive happy life.



How safe is Hypnosis?


Modern Misconceptions of Hypnosis is due to Hollywood movies, the impression given in movies, are often misleading and false. In hypnosis the client is always in control and cannot be made to say or do anything without consent. The altered state of mind during Hypnosis is natural and safe just like daydreaming. Clients can wake themselves up at any time that they wish. The hypnotic state is maintained by mutual cooperation between the client and the hypnotherapist.