About Stage Hypnosis

stage-hypnosisComedy Hypnotist


Real Hypnosis, Real Volunteers, Real Fun! Combining a natural flair for entertaining and a pure love for hypnotism, Michael enjoys inducing this wonderful trance like state in his volunteers so they can experience this great phenomenon we call hypnosis. Enjoying every moment of what he does he finds his job on stage always holds interesting surprises as each volunteer responds to hypnosis differently. Falling in love with this mystic art form to find it’s actually a natural psychological process that we can all use as a powerful tool for self-development, growth and of course, in the right hands, a unique and hilarious form of entertainment!


You can expect laughter. You can expect amazement. You can expect an experience that the audience will never forget! Here’s why: the show is based on audience participation. That means volunteers from the audience become the stars of the show. As their friends, colleagues and family in the audience wait with baited breath to see what twists and turns await them on stage, you can be sure of a fully immersive entertainment experience for all.


Throughout the show he focuses on the remarkable strength of the stars’ imaginations and creativity, so they’ll be able to look back on the experience with no regrets. He also ensures a fun, safe experience on stage. Because they are based entirely on audience participation, every show is different than the last, as willing audience members come on stage to be led into this wonderful, trance state of mind.


Reality is plastic in hypnosis; as audience members are induced into a hypnotic state, Michael changes their beliefs, their memory and even creates hallucinations on stage before their very eyes … You never know what is coming next for the stars in this show. Anything is possible!


Michael’s Show is generally rated PG and is created for all to enjoy. As his show has been mostly performed for the Military, he has experience entertaining a variety of demographics at the same time. Positive feedback has come from every different age group and many comment on how they really enjoyed having fun without adult content and language.